The Big Chop

i started transitioning from permed hair to my natural roots in september of last year and to be quite honest it was so hard and frustrating to say the least. while my roots were kinky and curly, my ends were straight and unruly which made finding a decent style challenging. after months of frustration and almost perming my hair i decided to chop it off into a twa (teeny weeny afro). let me tell you, chopping my hair off felt so liberating and freeing. it was by far the best choice i made this year. i was a little nervous at first as i wasn’t sure how i would like having short hair, however, 3 months in i’m still rocking it and plan on doing so for a long while.

 not only do i feel like a weight a has lifted off my shoulders, this hair style allows me to get up and go. i don’t have to worry about styling (too much) or having to dry my hair, i literally just get up and go. as a nurse who is currently perusing a masters degree, this freedom and no fuss maintenance is invaluable. 

if you are thinking about doing the “big chop” i would say go for it! yes, you;ll feel scared, yes you’re nervous about what you will look like with short hair, but trust you won’t regret it it. just do it.