Desk Diaries

i’m literally over here pretending as if school doesn’t start today. i haven’t even cracked my books open…slacker much? currently i work as a bedside nurse on a bone marrow transplant unit and is pursuing a masters degree with a FNP focus at simmons college in boston. basically, i’m one busy bee. this upcoming semester is going to be incredibly hectic with working full time, school and throwing blogging in the mix. blogging is a creative outlet for me so finding the time to produce content is important to me. this past week i’ve been off from work for 5 days which i’ve loved because i’ve literally been prepping content for the blog every single day. i’ve been hustlin’ hard. lol.

i had a blog back in the day (more like two years ago) and while i loved it, it wasn’t the right time for me. i was in a toxic relationship and my significant other at the time didn’t get the whole blogging thing. i remember having to hide and take pictures around my apartment as to not cause any disagreements. friends would be skeptical when i told them i had a blog. it was the weirdest thing and i don’t understand it. still don’t.  

for months i’ve been thinking about getting back into blogging. i blogged a little bit after my relationship ended when it was just me and my cats in my apartment, but my heart wasn’t in it. 

last week i decided to just go for it because it was weighing on my mind for so long. i purchased a layout, and started taking pictures on my iphone. i bit the bullet and purchased a fancy canon dslr camera which i should be getting this week. i’m definitely looking forward to better quality photos for the blog (….although i don’t actually mind my iphone photos).  i want my readers to have visually appealing photos and interesting content.  i want napps & sass to be a blog that is relatable to my readers and i hope my personality shines through.

my biggest goals this year are to continue to stay focus in school, do what makes me happy and grow my blog. i’ve enjoyed reading other blogs for pleasure and inspiration over the past couple years. my initial inspiration to blog was mariannan who i have followed for years. her blog was legit the first ever blog that i read and kept up with. i adore her.
i know a lot of people get caught up with numbers/views and likes, but i’m just happy i’m pursuing something i’m passionate about (feedback and comments are always nice to have). idk where this little corner of the internet will take me but i’m looking forward to the journey and is so very appreciative of everyone who has stopped by Napps & Sass.