Eye Spy | Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen

eyeliners are generally not my favorite makeup items. i usually have a hard time with them and use to skip applying them all together…until i found this little gem. i would wear heavy mascara that gave the illusion of an eyeliner at the base of the lash to compensate for my lack of actual eyeliner.  

prior to using the TF eye defining pen, i gave the kat von d tattoo eyeliner a go and while i loved the formula, i had a hard time controlling my line. the felt tip was so stiff, it actually made the application of the product very difficult for me. after my unfortunate run with the tattoo liner ,i all but gave up on my quest to master the eyeliner application. that was until i read a review on the eye definer pen while browsing nordstrom.com sometime last year. since then, i’ve had the eye defining pen on my lust list but could not bring my self to spend that exuberant amount of money on an eyeliner at the time. solution?… i decided to save up over a couple months and one day splurge on the item i so lusted after.  

fast forward to july of this year, i mustered up enough willpower (& coins), hoped and prayed that it lived up to my expectations, closed my eyes and made my purchase. my debit card had a little dent in it, but so far it has been worth every single penny and i haven’t looked back. 

honestly, $56 dollars is a lot to spend on an eyeliner, but i kid you not when i say you get what you pay for. this little luxury has been AMAZING when it comes to application and longevity.

first and foremost, it’s dual ended with a fine calligraphy tip on one end and a shorter brush on the other. it is blacker than black (which i prefer) and stays black throughout its entire wear time. i hate when an eyeliner applies black but then fades to an almost dark grey after a couple hours of wear. secondly, there is absouletly NO tugging with either sides of this pen as the product glides on smoothly and effortlessly. upon first application it looks wet but dries to a matte finish which i actually prefer. this baby does not budge once dried so you don’t have to worry about it slipping and sliding all over your lid throughout the day

per the TF sales associate, the calligraphy end is great for winged liner while the shorter end is recommended for a simple look. in my opinion, either end can be used for a winged liner depending on how dramatic of a look you are aiming for. i find that the calligraphy end provides an easier application for a novice like myself. i appreciate the dual end as it gives you more versatility in one product. i always have it on hand and is a staple in my makeup bag

overall, i love how easy it is to use and for someone like me who is not the best at applying eyeliner, this makes the process way less frustrating, much easier and prevents me from looking like a panda.

i’m not saying you have to run out and purchase this expensive product, however if you are on the market for a more high end eyeliner, i would highly recommend the TF eye defining pen. it has lived up to it’s claims and hype and continues to be one of my favorite makeup item.