Makeup Stash | Current Set Up

today’s post is an exciting one!

 it’s all about my current makeup stash and set up. i hesitated a bit about blogging this particular post because i can’t decide if this is a healthy amount of products, or i’m just hoarding crap like i usually do. to be quite honest, i’ve downsized since my early days of dabbling in makeup. i didn’t want to be the makeup hoarder i was slowly becoming. like how many damn eye shadows does one need for two eyelids (peep the customized MAC pallet in the back tho….). & DO NOT get me started on the lipstick bits cause girl….i needed deliverance back then.

my current stash comprises of products that i actually use. not on an everyday basis, but i still get a fair amount of usage out of them. i have to be honest with you… i do love seeing a face “beat to da gawwds”, however i appreciate the simplicity of makeup even more. my personal style is again, simple & effrotless. i hate pounds of products on my face because my first instinct is to wash it off and honey, when your foundation costs upwards to 40 dollars a pop you cannot afford to be wasting not even a drop for a swatch!

as with the simplicity of my makeup looks, my set up is likewise very simple. i like to see everything infront of me so nothing goes unused. i try not to keep backups of anything (except for MAC’s fix +), because that situation can quickly turn into hoarders: confessions of a makeup junkie. i once had a muji storage system, which i enjoyed but i love this set up even better. 

my favorite makeup items of life are blushes and lipsticks (naturally). i love a good blush and a dark lippie and while the masses are obsessed with nude lips, i’m the complete opposite. i can appreciate a plum, vampy color and i will wear it all year round without hesitation.

other than my pictured storage, i keep my most reached for products in my LV makeup pouch next to my set up. it gives me easy access to my essentials and makes for easy mobility between my room and bathroom where i do my makeup majority of the time.

i appreciate the fact that makeup  provides a channel through which one can express his or her creativity and artistry. you don’t have to be a makeup by mario (who is freaking talented btw) to appreciate makeup or even wear makeup. whether you’re a simple gal like me or are the amrezys of the world, makeup is all about how you feel within and the confidence you exude when you wear it.