Oh Hi Fall | Mini B&BW Candle Haul

fall has officially started and to say i’m excited is an understatement!
yes fall is one of my favorite seasons and yes i’m all about pumpkin everything.
to kick off the season, i thought it would be fun to share a mini B&BW candle haul with my favorite picks.
not gonna lie, B&BW gets all my money during this time of year. i’m not a huge fan of their summer scents but i love their fall scents. i always save up my coupons so i can stock up on their fall candles when they do go on sale.

i’m not a huge cinnamon scented person as it gets nauseating after a while, so i stick to a mixture of pumpkin, cinnamon and spice. B&BW does fall scents like no other in my opinion. i have a few staples that i always stock up on but this season i picked up two new ones that caught my eye. marshmallow pumpkin latte & marshmallow fireside are two scents that i have been eyeing and finally gave them a go. both smell amazingly sweet and but not too overbearing. i appreciate the woodsy smell that marshmallow fireside offers.  

i still have some scents from last season that i haven’t burned so i made sure to skip those this time around. actually, the only repurchase i made was my favorite of the bunch, pumpkin pecan waffle. idk what it is with this scent but it smells like an authentic pecan waffle. not much pumpkin, but the pecan and waffle scents are incredible. 

while i do still enjoy my more fancier candles year round, when falls rolls around B&BW just does it for me. they’re inexpensive (with coupons it’s even better) and majority of their candles have amazing throw and burn time. 

what are you favorite candles for the fall season? 

wishing you all a beautiful fall, xo