Prim & Polished | Fall Nail Colors

am i the only one who collects nail polishes? 

now i maybe borderline hoarding when it comes to nail polishes but seriously, how can you not?

today’s post is all about my favorite fall shades for the up coming season. 

i don’t know about you, but fall colors are my favorite. whether it be lipstick or blush theres just something about fall hues that i adore. my nail polish stash isn’t extensive by any means, but i still have more than i will ever need. depending on the brand, nail polishes can get expensive especially for people like me who always have their own nail color on hand at the salon. i’m not even gonna front like i sit at home and do my own nails because i don’t. they always end up looking like disappointment and struggle when i do them my self, so i gladly take my butt to the nail salon every 2-3 weeks. 

for years my favorite brand of nail polishes were the revlon ones you found at the drug store. however, in recent years i feel like the quality and variety has gone down hill. in fact one of my favorite nail polishes  (which i still own and probably need to toss) is minted by revlon. it’s such an old color… they don’t even make it anymore hence why i cannot part with it. it is the perfect shade of mint green which i absolutely love in a nail color. nudes, mint green, light+dark grays, deep blues and dark plum shades are my go to colors in general.

when it comes to fall however, i tend to stick to dark and neutral shades with often times a pop of color.

my most used nail polish brands currently are smith & cult and o.p.i. i love the gorgeous packaging, longevity and beautiful colors that smith and cult has to offer, while o.p.i….well you can never go wrong with them in my opinion. they have amazing shades and just good all round quality products. 


o.p.i nail lacquer – “did you ear about vangoh” –  neutral greige (greyish beige)

this is my fav. nude nail polish of life.

smith and cult – “lovers creep” – bordeaux, wine shade 

one of my favorite dark shades for fall

smith and cult – “the graduate” – neutral taupe 

 second favorite nude next to the afore mentioned o.p.i color

smith and cult – “bitter buddhist” – celadon green

love the name, love the shade. 

o.p.i nail lacquer – “need sunglasses” – bright yellow

not your quintessential fall color but this shade is still a versatile color  + i love yellow in the fall.

what are your favorite nail polish brands and fall shades? i would love to hear about them. do share.