The Review | Sunday Riley New Moon

lets face it, we all sometimes get lazy at the end of the day with regards to taking our makeup off. i know it’s bad, but i do it more often than i should. this was until i got introduced to the sunday riley blue moon tranquility cleansing balm…

i’ve been an avid user of the ole henrikson makeup wipes for years (and still am) when removing my makeup after a long day. they smell like cremsicle which i love #foodie, and get the job done for the most part. they don’t take off my eye makeup as effectively as i would like but they are pretty good at removing everything else. cleansing oils are also my go to and my favorite one of life is the boscia makeup break up cleaning oil. idk what they put in that formula but it is amazing at removing stubborn traces of makeup. while i love both products and will continue to keep them in rotation, i wanted something that not only removed makeup, but also cleansed my face in the process.

sunday riley is a brand that i am not new to. i’m on my second tub of her tidal moisturizer while the “good genes” treatment + clay cleanser are on rotation in my skin care routine (post to come). i kept passing up the blue moon cleanser however because i wanted to cycle through my boscia cleansing oil before jumping on board. i mean how many makeup removers does one need?

while you can totally use the cleansing balm as a regular cleanser on an everyday basis, i reserve it for makeup removing and cleansing on the days that i do actually wear makeup.

on application, it is a balmy consistency (with some fine coarseness) that quickly dissolves into a milk like formula. it is sugar base which makes for good soothing properties. i find that it breaks up my makeup much better than the boscia cleansing oil and i don’t have to keep re-applying product to get the job done.

another plus for me is that it is moisturizing. after i wash the product off, my face does not feel rubbery or dry. rather, it is soft and feels refreshed. 

Notable Ingredients 

  • cocoa butter – antioxidant that protects skin from heat and cold
  • tangerine and sweet orange essential oils – contains aromatherapy properties to help tone and clarify the skin
  • mimosa flower wax – conditions and hydrates the skin
  • blue tansy and german chamomile – indigo oils rich in azulene which calms irritation and soothes redness

a little goes such a long way with this product which allows me to get more bang for my buck. the smell is delicious and i find that even though its starts out a little course in texture, it is not abrasive on the skin. so far i have not had any complaints and have enjoyed coming home and taking my makeup off after a long day.