Worth The Hype? | Diptyque

diptyque is a brand that i have lusted after for a while now but back then, i didn’t understand the hype surrounding the efervescent and classy glass jars. the ever popular baies scent seemed to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue with your favorite blogger either making mention of it numerous times or it being included in a blog posts of sorts. whatever the hype was everyone wanted to have it and eventually, so did i…

baies noire candle/black berries, 10.2oz  – roses and black currant leaves
eau plurielle, 200ml – white musk and wood
baies parfume d’intérieur – 5fl oz – roses and black currant leaves

to be perfectly honest with you, i’m completely content with my bath and body works candles which on a good sale day you can get for steal. i do however love a nice luxury candle for those nights when i want to pamper my self with a nice long bath, or those days after a fresh clean and i want my apartment to smell as it good as it looks. whatever the occasion, having a nice candle around is always a good idea. for years, ever since i could afford them, i would buy my self a jo malone candle for my birthday as they are my favorite luxury candles. however i wanted to change things up a bit and step out of my norm.

last year during the NS anniversary sale, i stopped by the diptyque counter to finally smell some of their candles and perfumes. i decided to pick up the baies scent in candle form in addition to the room spray (the SA added a complimentary full size eau plurielle) for good measure. 

what i love….

after having them them for so long, i can see what the hype is about. the scents are amazing and the throw from the candle is incredible. it literally fills my entire apartment & is one of the freshest scents i’ve smelled in a long time. it’s clean, crisp and airy without being overpowering or sickening. eau plurielle is on the sweeter side with a musky undertone and works well both as a perfume or linen spray. what i love about the eau plurielle is that it is marketed as a multipurpose product which gives your some versatility. personally i use it as a linen spray after freshly done laundry. both room/linen sprays linger a very long time and i always get compliments from my mom whenever she visits. 

…what i don’t love 

while the scents are wonderful and the products have lasted me a while, i have a huge issue with the candle specifically. for some reason no matter how i trim the wick my candle tunnels. meaning, the middle melts but the edges do not. i’m not sure if it’s because the product is a single wick or may because i’m not trimming the wick properly but it does not burn evenly which is kind of a bummer. i’ve had it for almost a year now and every time i burn it, i have to wrap it in a peice of foil paper to achieve an even burn. while i do love the scent, the burn time and the scent throw the burn quality in this particular packing is subpar. 

overall, i believe the room sprays are worth the price because of their versatility and longevity. they produce a fine, evenly distributed mist that lingers forever!

 as far as the candle is concerned, the jury is still out. i personally plan on trying one of their standard candles in the scent feu de bois to give it another go before making my final decision. i’m hoping for an even wax burn next time around and will be sure to fill you guys in.