Dark Soul | Fall Lips

this post has been a long time coming but with the end of the semester around the corner, it took me a little while to finally post.
well here we are, fall lips are in full effect. 

fall is my absolute favorite time of the year to wear lipsticks because well, why not? 

i’m fully content with a dark lip color all year round actually. the darker the better for me as i love seeing darker colors all skin tones. 

today i’m sharing all my fall piscks that i personally gravitate forwards during this time of year. let me just preface this by saying that all these colors look almost the same but they really are different (spoken like a true addict eh?)

i’m a mac girl when it comes to everyday lipsticks. i find that mac has some of my favorite formulas and range of colors to wear. my first ever “high end” lipstick was actually from mac (girl about town) which to this day is still a favorite. over the years however, i have definitely branched out from my mac staples to few other brands, which have become true favorites as well. nothing gets me irked than a lipstick that 1. doesn’t give ample pigment payoff and 2 has no longevity what so ever, thus i am very cautious with the color, formula and brand that i choose.

 ..i’ve narrowed down my list to 6 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses (which was not too hard surprisingly). the obvious trend here are dark hues which honestly i think everyone can apperciate. i LOVE a deep plum lip. there is just something about plum shades that gets me all excited for the fall and just life in general. not that i have anything against brighter lipsticks, i just find that i have a harder time wearing them. maybe it’s because i feel like brighter lips draw too much attention to the person? who knows….
there’s just something mysterious about a dark lip that i apperciate. obvious missing(maybe not so obvious) from my picks is mac’s rebel. for YEARS rebel was my shit, but i feel like i’ve worn it so much, that i have gotten tired of it. while it’s still a gorgeous color and it’s still apart of my collection, it needed a break.

the two lip glosses that i reach for around this time of year are dior’s # 981 – ensorcelante  & chanel’s  glossimer # 176 – crushed cherry. i have had these two lip glosses for quite a while and i typically reserve them for the fall season to wear over top of my chosen lipstick. the great thing about them is that they do not break up your base. your lipstick stays put and they add the perfect amount of sheen to your look. 

one may ask, do you prefer matte vs. a more creamier/satin texture for fall, and the honest answer is both. i do enjoy mattes in the colder months but ONLY if i exfoliate and keep my lips well hydrated. if not, it can be torture. i also add in some semi- mattes if not a creamier consistency to offset the dryness that can be had with matte formulas. i find that while they still give the color pay off i’m looking for, they are more comfortable to wear. 


now let’s move onto the swatches of my top picks. 

…..top to bottom

 mac’s styled in sepia – matte – by far my favorite nude color of life and i actually wear it all year round. it’s the lightest shade (blink and you’ll miss it on the swatch), but it’s a very wearable nude, espcially for women of color. it’s pretty unique as it has a grey undertone which was intimidating at first. pair it with a brown liner and you’re good to go

mac’s living legend – matte – described as a “true plum”, i just love it’s burgundy undertones. this unfortunately was a limited edition color. (i may cry when i run out of it)  

mac’s sin – matte – so dark and mysterious, this is probably my favorite of the bunch. if you’re a fan of mac’s diva, sin is basically it’s more deeper, darker sister. it gives you vampy look with a hint of red which is so versatile and comes in handy during this season. it’s truly stunning. 

mac’s antique velvetmatte– similar to sin, but with WAY more brown undertones. in my opinion, this is a true dark chocolate lipstick and if you’re into brown hues, this is perfect!
dior’s rouge hypnotic lipstick – hypnotic red – cream – this reminds me of a more toned down rebel by mac. it doesn’t have the intense purple undertones as rebel which makes it more wearable. 

tom ford lip color – bruised plum – satin-  this beauty has a lot of similarities to the afore mentioned dior lipstick, however if you’re on the fence about wearing a red lip during the fall, this is a great start. it’s a reddened plum, with a perfect mixture of pink and fuchsia undertones. 

left – chanel’s glossimer # 176, crushed cherry | right – dior’s addict lipgloss #981, ensorcelante


 i hope this post finds you all well and that you find some inspiration for fall. 

please share your fall picks.