The Face Behind On The Beauty Shelf | Get To Know Me

today’s post is a special one….at least for me. september 1st i decided to get back into blogging which had been weighing on my mind ever since i stopped. blogging is very therapeutic for me. i have a bit of a chaotic life (full time registered BMT nurse + part time masters student) so taking pictures for the blog and sitting down and writing out my posts is really my vice away from all the chaos. Plus, it allows me to express my creativity. lately though i’ve been a little confused on the direction i want my blog to take. i’m not a selfie girl or one who loves to take a bunch of pictures of my self. it has a lot to do with self esteem and a little to do with just being awkward. by no means am i a makeup guru, makeup artist (i can barely apply eyeliner, lol) or a beauty expert. what i am though is a simple girl who loves makeup, skin care and love writing about it.

 i have been struggling with the notion that my blog is subpar because i don’t post a bunch of personal photos of my self on my social media platforms like a lot of the other bloggers i follow do. after much thought and soul searching i realize that this is exactly how i want my blog to be. i’m just not that girl who takes a lot of photos of her self or is an expert of makeup looks. i solely do my makeup how i personally like it, not because i want to follow a trend. my content reflect the products that i love to use and my thoughts on them. i know, from my consistent readers that there are people out there who appreciate my style of blogging for which i am SO thankful for. blogging can be so intimidating because honestly, it is so hard not to compare your blog to other blogs. you have to however be true to your self and your readers because trust me, it can be pretty obvious when your heart is not into it or you’re just throwing up a post just because. when a complete stranger reads your content and appreciates it, it is such a nice feeling and that is what keep me motivated. not the number of comments, not the amount of page views, but the genuine a feedback i have receive. 

behind the scenes 

born & raised in jamaica

30 yrs old

oncology nurse for the past 6 years

completing my family nurse practitioner degree at the moment


momma to 3 cats (yes, i’m a crazy cat lady. low key why i’m single, haha)

oldest of 3

i hate clowns & balloons

i love to eat, love to laugh and love to write
lipstick feind
false eyelashes scare the shit out of me
i want a miniature pet pig and a bengal cat 
if i wasn’t a nurse i would be a journalist 
my favorite colors to wear are gray and black
i live in oversized t- shirts and yoga leggings…literally
decor wise, nothing matches in my apartment and i love it. 
i have a mimosa or two every sunday morning after my saturday night shift with my good friend kerri-ann. 
“mimosa” should be my middle name
i want to live in boston

where do you blog?

honestly i blog 90% of them time from my bed. not even gonna lie. i sit or lay on my bed and edit all my posts. i light a candle or two with soft music in the background and zone out. as for photography, i take my pictures all over my apartment. i use inexpensive back drops and just items i already own, set a stage and go to work. 

where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

inspiration for me comes from a slew of places and people. i draw inspiration from other bloggers, products i currently use, places i’ve been, people i’ve met and magazines that i read. case in point, i personally drew inspiration for these questions from stylelullaby who did the blogger behind the scenes tag (love her blog btw) which i thought would tie into the content i wanted to add for this particular post. acknowledging and giving credit to those who you draw inspiration from is so important in my opinion. 

how long does it take you to do a blog post?

for me, photography is the longest process personally. i’m very picky with my pictures so taking and editing them takes a long time for me. i have spent an entire day with small breaks in between shooting pictures for a single post before. it also has a lot to with not fully understanding how my cameras work and just lighting in general. when it comes down to writing the actual post it takes me an hour tops. i love to write so writing comes easier for me. i have definitely gotten better with the style of my blog and the quality of my pictures. there is no shame in seeing how your blog has evolved from when you first started to where it is now. 

do you plan your blog posts? if so, how?

most definitely! i work full time as a nurse and i’m in school part-time for my masters degree so planning ahead is a must for me. during breaks from school i take all my photography. when i first started my blog back in september i planned out 80% of my posts and took all my pictures over summer break. when i had downtime during the semester i planned out more posts and took additional pictures. i first make a list of potential content i want to write about and take pictures thereafter. some of them do not come to fruition but majority of them do. it is essential for me to stay ahead since i have such a busy life.

what is your favorite type of blog posts to write?

 anything beauty or makeup related. napps & sass chronicles the products i genuinely use and my thoughts on each. 

what kind of camera do you use?

when i first started my blog i used my iPhone 6s plus camera because i didn’t own a professional camera. currently i use my cannon eos rebel t5  with both 18-55mm & 75 -300mm lenses for product shots. for my non fussy photos and photos i take while out and about i use my cannon eos m10 camera with a 14-55mm lens (love the built in wifi that this camera offers)

what editing program do you use?

snapseed and VSCO are absolute favorites. i filter my photos in VSCO and adjust the temperature, sharpness and saturation in snapseed. they are both amazing editing programs that are super easy to use. i do have adobe’s photoshop & light room however they are so overwhelming to me. while they are great resources as well, they take a little getting use to. 

do you use a notebook to track your ideas?

i use both my notebook and the notes app on my iPhone. out of the two, the notes app gets the most use as sometimes an idea will come to me while i’m out or at work. it’s quick and easy to flip out my phone and type it in the app. 

do you take your own pictures?

yes, every single one. i love taking my own pictures and editing them. it allows me to tap into my creative side and is also a great stress reliever believe it or not.

who knows about your blog?

majority of the people who knows about my blog are readers i’ve met on social media or through blogging it self. a few friends know about my little corner on the internet in addition to my mom. i appreciate every single person who stops by on the beauty shelf and genuinely gets something from my content. 

are you an organized or a messy blogger?

definitely organized. my OCD won’t allow me to be the messy person i really want to be. i cannot function in chaos so everything is laid out systemically and in an organized fashion. it sometimes doesn’t make sense but it all comes together in the end. 

biggest blogging pet peeve

one of the thing that bothers me is blatantly copying someone’s post or even pictures. again, you can draw inspiration from your favorite blogger/vlogger but down right coping their content is not the business. what is even more fraustrating is not giving credit where credit is due. we can all support each other as blogging has a vast array of avenues through which your content can be displayed. napps & sass is not for everyone and that is totally fine. again staying true to what you believe in will always come across genuine in your content

i hope you guys enjoyed this post and got to know a more personal side of me and my blog.
i would love for my lovely readers to reciprocate this blogger behind the scenes tag so i can get to know each and everyone of you a bit more.
happy holidays, xo