Top 5 Blushes For The Holiday Season

today’s post is all about my go to blushes for the holiday season. blushes are my thing ( i swear i say that about every damn make – up item i own, lol), but honestly, i do appreciate a good blush. i think when i started dabbling in makeup, blushes (apart from foundation) was the one thing i felt i mastered early on. i didn’t start wearing actual lipsticks until way later but i always had a blush on hand. my first ever blush was mac’s mineralized blush in love thing which i still owned until this past month (one of my best friends and fellow makeup junkie confiscated it). i remember vividly buying it around the winter time and loving the subtle sparkle it gave on the cheeks. since then i tend to go for illuminating – esque type blushes around this time of year….because why not right?

since i’m a dark skin girl, i tend to go for more plum shades to compliment my skin tone. i know peach toned shades works for darker skin tones as well, but i reserve those for the spring/summer months. the good thing about these blushes is that they are wearable for all skin tones. i narrowed down my selections to 5 from my little collection which wasn’t that hard to do actually. you’re probably reading this and thinking that all these shades look exactly alike and while they are in the same shade range, they’re not the exact same shade color (spoken like a true addict eh).
while majority of the blushes mentioned do have small flecks of shimmer, they are not chunky what so ever. those with texture on their skin, need not worry about using these types of blushes as are they are definitely wearable, regardless of texture issues. furthermore, the color payoff and pigmentation of these blushes are fantastic and is build-able. the only one i would take great caution in using a heavy hand with is blushed copper. due to it’s copper undertone, you can look like a tin man really quick if you’re not careful. 

the run down 


becca luminous blush – blushed copper – medium to dark copper blush with a rich warm brown undertone. 

nars blush  – sin – berry shade (almost a faint lavender) with small flecks of gold shimmer 

chanel  powder blush – plum attraction – deep, burgundy toned blush. it smells amazing!

mac’s sheer tone shimmer blush – plum foolery – again, another plum toned shade with a slight frost

tom ford powder blush – savage – i love the name of this blush. it has a subtle red undertone that shows up on darker skin tones well. for lighter skin tones this will pull a littler warmer but not overpowering!

i have to say while all of the mentioned blushes gets used at some point during the holiday season, my favorites from the bunch are plum foolery, plum attraction and savage. they are easier to wear than blushed copper and sin. you can literally place them on your cheeks when you’re in rush and not have to worry about them looking overdone by any means. 

let me know your favorites in the comment section below. 

i would love to hear about them 

happy holidays