Current Obsession | Ouai Hair Oil

hair oils are very important in my hair care routine as i have the driest scalp known to man. well, maybe i’m being  a bit dramatic but honestly, my scalp is annoyingly dry. since transitioning to natural hair then chopping my hair off at the end of last summer, my hair for some reason got a little bit more dry. idk if it’s just the transitioning process, but let’s just say it’s not the business. 

a couple months ago picked up the Ouai hair oil during a sephora haul. i knew there was a hype surrounding this brand (which i hear is amazing) but the only thing that really caught my eye was the hair oil and wave spray, the hair oil especially….

as you probably know this line of hair care is owned by jen atkin, hairstylists to the kardashians and other big names in the entertainment industry. based off her work, i think this line was a step in the right direction for her as she is talented where hair is concerned. 

The Product

first off, the smell of this oil is divine. personally, it smells like gardenias which i’m actually not a huge fan of. the scent however is not overpowering or smells like straight up perfume which i can totally appreciate. i have short, thick course hair that, as mentioned perviously, is very dry. this oil works well with my hair type and really hydrates my scalp as well. i wasn’t sure how it would work on natural hair as i felt it was marketed for other hair types, however i’ve been pleasantly surprised. i typically use it as a hot oil treatment and or in my spray bottle concoction with other products for days when i need to refresh my hair. i alway get compliments on the look and smell of my hair when i use this oil as well. it makes my hair soft, healthy looking (not greasy) and best of all it does not weigh my hair down. some hair oils tend to do that which makes my hair look flat and just a big greasy mess. i honestly don’t know if this would be considered a dry oil (correct me if am wrong) but it reminds me of one. it keeps my frizz at bay and the biggest plus for me is that it keeps my scalp moisturized for days. one of the biggest issues i had with my dry hair is that it would literally drink up the products i previously used, but by day 2 it would be back to a dry brittle mess.

Ouai works well with my other moisturizing hair products which i love. it doesn’t compete with them and the benefits of the hair oil isn’t lost either. 

as a natural hair girl i tend to stick to products marketed for my hair type, however i am glad i stepped outside that box and tried something different. 

notable ingredients

african galangal

ama and asian borage oils

sweet almond oil 

jojoba seed oil

shea butter

sunflower seed oil 

rosemary leaf extract 

i’m wanting to try out some of the other products the line has to offer (shampoos and conditioners to be exact) but for now i think i’ll be sticking to the evil that i know. 

have you tried any products from this line?

please share in the comments below if you have. i would love to hear your thoughts.

xo, rhondine.