Favorite Minis

there is just something about products in small packaging. they’re cute, easy to carry around and most often are just as good as their larger counterparts. i personally don’t own a lot of mini products, however i tend to go mini whenever i want to try out a new product. during my trip to boston last month, i made a point to travel with minis rather than carrying my full sized products. 

i’ve been using these particular ones over the past couple months and have been really enjoying them. a few of them i’ve already put on my list to purchase the full size of because they are so good.

  • ouai hair oil – one of my favorites of the bunch, i can’t get enough of this oil (read my review on it here). as mentioned in my review, i’m very picky with hair oils, however this one lives up to the hype. i low key wished it came in a bigger bottle although a little goes a very long way. what i love most about it is that it works for nappy hair like mine which says a lot about it’s versatility. 

  • herbivore rose hibiscus + coconut water facial mist – this is by far my favorite facial mist to date. i actually bought the larger size of this initially a month or two back and wanted to bring it with me on my trip to boston, but didn’t want to lug the full size with me. i ended up purchasing this the day before i left and have been bathing my face in it since. the smell is heavenly and it is so hydrating! i’m glad i have the larger size already on my vanity so i can continuing using it once my mini runs out. i highly recommend this mist and cannot wait to try  more products from the herbivore line. i purchased the smaller bottle at urban outfitters while the larger bottle i purchased at sephora. i find that urban outfitters has a larger variety of the mini scents than sephora does. 

  • ouai wave spray – when i first bout this, i wasn’t sure what to do with it (real smart right?). again, my hair is natural and nappy and most products like this doesn’t do much for my type of hair. this wave spray however is actually a little surprise…for me at least. i use it after i have washed my hair and applied my leave in conditioner. on most days i use gel to define my curls, however on relaxed days when i don’t want a defined curl pattern or just want loose effortless curls, i spray this all over my barely damp hair, run my hands through it my hair and let it set. it leaves me with a loose messy curl pattern which i don’t mind while running errands or just looking presentable to go about my day. by no means is it a gel and i’m sure it’s used differently on straight hair, however on my short natural hair, it does what i need it to do. 

  • laura mercier hand and body cream – creme brule –  laura mercier in my opinion does some of the best holiday gift sets with her body care range. i try to get my hands on her mini body cream sets as i find it is a good way to either test out scents that i have never tried before or just to have a stash of yummy minis for travel. this particular hand cream is the last of the set i bought during the 2015 holiday season and i’m a little sad to see it go. it’s my favorite scent of the range and i’m almost sure i will eventually bite the bullet and purchase the full size. they are creamy, uber hydrating, they smell devine and is such a nice little gift for stocking stuffing. 

  • makeup forever smoothing primer – i’ve had my eye on this particular primer for a long time but never really decided on giving it a try until recently. i’m a little weird with primers. once i find one that works, i will stick with it forever. i feel like primers are products that you don’t necessarily need multiples of….although i now have 3 total….well maybe you need three, LOL….anyways, i tend to stick with the evil that i know when it comes to primers. this makeup forever gem has really blown me away. while i won’t be replacing it for my other primers, i plan on adding the full size to my collection. it works differently than the others i have in that it truly smooths everything out and makes your makeup last all day! i do not get flash back with this nor does it “move my makeup around”. best of all it does not break me out or irritate my skin which is a huge plus for me. within the beauty community, this product is quite hyped up and i now understand why.

have you tried any of the products in today’s post. 

please share if you have or will be in the future. i would love to hear your thoughts.

xo, Rhondine.