New Fav’s | Bath & Body Works

raise your hand if you’re a bath and body works addict! *raises both hands*

i try my hardest to stay away from that place, but somehow i get sucked in on occasions. if you don’t already know, i’m an avid bath and body works candle lover and over the past..i would say 3 years i’ve gotten into their body care as well. my favorite time of year to buy their body care products is during the spring and summer. i’m not big on their fall and winter scents so i usually stock up during the spring/summer time. i’m a huge fan of their body washes and scrubs more so their lotions. i can never stray away from my kiehl’s creme de corp body lotion so i tend to stick with body washes….

i was honestly getting a little tired of the scents that they’ve had out for a while now so when i saw this new tutti dolci launch i knew i had to try them out.
my signature bath and body works scent is the “sheer cotton & lemonade” scent which they no longer carry unless its during the semi annual sale. it’s one of the freshest scents i’ve smelled and i always, always stock up.
anyhow the package of the this new launch really caught my eye..naturally.

the range consists of 4 new scents of which i picked up 3. if you’re an avid BBW shopper, you know they always have deals on their body care. you can either pick up two signature body care products and get 2 free or buy three and get 3 free (whenever they have that particular deal). add a coupon in the mix and it’s even a better deal. while i love a good high end moisturizer or foundation i’m never too good for a little bath and body works.

pink peony cream

my favorite of the bunch, pink peony cream is a mixture of “blushing peony blossoms, pink currant, white amber and nectar”. i’m not a fan of fragrances that are heavy peony scents. it gets sickening after a while, however this scent in particular is very subtle and sweet. it lingers on you throughout the day which is one of the many reasons i appreciate bath and body work body washes. although fragranced, they leave my skin smooth and moisturized. 

sweet lemon butter cup

i don’t know what it is with me, but i love a good lemon-tart/lemoncello scent. do not get my started on those tarty lemon girl scout cookies. if it’s lemon scented i want it. lol. this scent is just that, fresh with a hint of tartness to add to the mix. the scent comprises of “sweet meyer lemons, creamy butter cup petals, fluffy meringue and sugar”. again this is a scent that lingers on you all day without being obnoxious.

golden honey praline 

i was sold on the description alone. “creamy caramel and praline drizzled with golden honey” sounds like something i would enjoy eating to be quite honest. this scent is the sweetest of the three i picked up and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, i love it. i have not tried it in the shower like i did the other two, but i cannot wait. i’m totally fine walking around smelling like a cinnabon. i have no problem with that whatsoever 🙂

let me know your favorite bath and body works scents below and if you will be trying anything from the new line of fragrances 

xo, rhondine.