Nail Polishes You Need In Your Spring Rotation

raise your hands if you’re a nail polish hoarder like my self!

today’s post is a short and sweet one & it’s all about the nail polishes you need in your arsenal this spring

spring is one of my favorite seasons to pretty up my nails, because well, who doesn’t love a good pastel shade? what i look for in my nail polishes are the color and longevity particularly. i love a good range of options, but more importantly i appreciate a great wearing polish. for me manicures are harder to keep up with because i wash my hands a million times a day due to the nature of my job.

smith & cult is by far my favorite nail polish brand which i have mentioned here on the blog before. i love their range of colors in addition to the quality of their products. for spring however, i stepped a little bit outside the s&c box to add a small variety of colors to my spring picks.

OPI is another fantastic brand that offers amazing quality polishes as does dior. while i do not have a large range of polishes from either brand, the few i own i have loved and enjoy. both brands are very comparable to smith and cult’s quality, however they offer varying price points. OPI is more on the affordable side, while dior is on the higher end spectrum.

which ever option you choose, you are bound to get similar color payoff and longevity, which for me is everything in a nail polish.

what i love about these shades is that they are wearable on every skin tone. smith and cult’s “pillow pie”  i was sure would not compliment my skin tone. i was definitely pleasantly surprised. if you’re looking for a subtle pink that makes your nails looked polished and put together, “pillow pie” is your girl.
if you’re a mint colored girl like myself, you need opi’s “this cost me a mint” in your life. it is one of my favorite mint colors to date. my all time fav. is Revlon’s “minted”. i wore the heck out of that polish every spring/summer until i ran out and Revlon, unfortunately stopped making it. “this cost me a mint” is the only mint color that has come close to “minted” which is a huge relief (so dramatic).
for the peachy pink lovers, smith & cults “psycho candy” and dior’s “lucky” are right up your ally. while “psycho candy” is more on the peachier side, both are lovely shades of peach mixed with the right amount of pink undertones. even better, they are great for summer as well.
the most unique of the bunch and probably my favorite smith and cult’s faunt-leroy. it’s a gorgeous lavender with a slight blue undertone that compliments any skin tone. typically i never match my manicure to my pedicure (call me weird), but i LOVE wearing “faunt-leroy” both as a mani and pedi…at the same damn time.

left – right 

– smith and cult // “faint-leroy”
– smith and cult // “pillow pie”
OPI // “this cost me a mint”

– smith and cult // “psycho candy”
– dior // “lucky

   what are your recommendations for spring nail polishes?
please share below as i would love to know what you guys have been loving