Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist: Splurge or Save?

today’s post is all about the oh so popular tatcha luminous dewy skin mist. 

now this products isn’t new to most people in the beauty community as it has been out for a while, however i recently jumped on the bandwagon to see what all the hype was about. it is marketed as a liquid spray on moisturizer of sorts that claims to provide a luminous, dewy skin. first off the packaging is gorgeous. it is weighty, comes in a glass container and has a sense of luxury. however, are we really here for the packaging?

from previous reviews that i have read, some people seem to love the product overall, while others are not a fan. 

personally, i like it…a lot. it’s not an absolute love for me however for various reasons. first off for what it claims to do i don’t think the price is justifiable. at $48 dollars bottle, i think that there are other products on the market that can achieve similar results for a fraction of the cost. secondly, if you’re a combination – to oily skin girl, i don’t think you will appreciate this product, ESPECIALLY over makeup.
just to preface this, i have oily (in my t-zone) combination skin. when initially applied atop makeup, it looks flawless & fantastic. however as you progress throughout the day, it can quickly become a oily mess. a very, VERY light hand is needed when using this product. tatcha specifically recommends 1-2 spritz, but to be quite honest i think you could get away with just one overall spritz.  the mist is very fine which is a plus, however the area it covers with each spritz is not a lot which results in you spraying even more on the skin (don’t do that…trust me). i find that after a couple hours’ wear, my makeup appears to slip and slide all over the place. in some places it even breaks the foundation up which i absolutely hate. personally i just do not like how it performs on my combination skin with makeup.

on my bare skin however, i appreciate it WAYYYYYYYY more. it gives you the same luminosity and dewiness without the worry of you looking like a oily, runny, slip, sliding mess. it leaves the skin looking healthy and radiant which i can appreciate for every day wear. one of the major pros for me with this product is that it does not break me out. i think that speaks for something as i have pretty sensitive skin. furthermore, it is pretty moisturizing. i don’t find myself getting dry throughout the day when used on my bare skin. i’ve even used it right before bed and it sinks in beautifully over night.
i wished it performed just as good on my bare skin as it does with my foundations. could i possibly be using it with the wrong type of foundations? who knows, but for $48 a pop, i would think it would be a universal product no matter your preferred base.

4 ways i use the tatcha skin mist 

– after cleansing my face for re-hydration

– on my bare skin to add a healthy, radiant glow

– throughout the day to replenish my skin’s moisture as needed 

– over night for added moisture 

NOTABLE Ingredients 

– olive origin 

– camelia japonica seed oil

– rice extract

– silk extract 

– green tea

– thyme


– moisturizing  

– provides a dewy, healthy appearance

– performs well on sensitive skin 

– not highly scented

– performs better on bare skin

– performs better on drier texture skin


– pricey 

– does not work well with oily skin especialy 

– does not perform well over certain foundations

– breaks up foundation after hours of wear

– can become incresingly oily after hours of wear

Splurge or save 

personally, i would definitely save my coins on this one. while it is a lovely product on bare skin, i don’t think the price is justifiable, especially if it doesn’t work for the masses with a more oily skin type or performs well over makeup. tatcha has some amazing products (some of which i ‘m currently loving – more to come on that), however i think you and your bank account can live without the dewy skin mist. if you’re still on the fence about trying it, i would definitely get a sample before investing my money on it. i’ll continue to use my current bottle until i run out, however i don’t think i’ll be repurchasing it once it’s all gone. i have other products in my my stash that works well with and without makeup. 

i hope this review finds you well and provided some insight on this highly talked about product

as always, thanks for stopping by & have a lovely weekend