The Natural Hair Process | My Journey So Far

if you’ve ever transitioned from processed hair to natural hair you know it’s a struggle. the actual transitioning period is honestly the worst in my opinion, ESPECIALLY if you don’t wear any protective styles. 

personally out of the 11 months that i transitioned, i wore rope twists for only 3 months and by the middle of the 3rd month i was thoroughly over it. i learned a lot about my self and my hair while i went through the tradition period. one particular discovery is that i hate hair. let me explain…take makeup for example, i enjoy doing my makeup and creating looks that suit my style and personality. i truly enjoy the process of putting my makeup together as i  find it relaxing. hair on the other hand for me is a pain the ass. i hate styling my hair or the whole precess of putting hair looks together. i’m a wash and go type of gal when it comes to hair. it’s something that i don’t want to spend time fussing over. my hair was always in a pony tail when my hair was permed and that was the style i always had. there were no variations. it wasn’t because i didn’t know how to style my hair, i just hated doing it

fast forward to now, and i’m happily rocking the short tapered look. i did “the big chop” in august of 2016 and i honestly wished i had done it sooner. i listened to various different people telling me not to do it, rather continue growing out my hair until my permed ends broke off. needless to say i listened for months until i got frustrated and decided to chop it all off. it was the most liberating thing i’ve done to date. it gave me such a sense of freedom and this new-found self esteem i didn’t even know existed. managing it has been a dream as well. currently, i get a hair cut once or twice a month if not more (depending on my mood) but for the most part i keep it short. i literally wash and go every single day since the chop.

while the whole natural hair process it self has been great, people’s opinion on my hair were plenty. i have to admit, when i first chopped my hair off i was a little self conscious because i didn’t know how people would react. i quickly reminded my self that i didn’t cut my hair for anyone but my self. idk what it is with short hair on women that gives society the right to project their unwanted opinions. i also feel like natural hair women of color receive a lot of negative comments socially about not only their short hair, but their short natural hair. there is an unfair stigma that is attached to both which is so unfortunate, because there is nothing wrong with one’s nappy ass, kinky ass natural hair.


hair style – short/tapered twa

hair type – 4c

transition period – 11 months

months since the big chop – 7 months

wash routine  – co wash every day or every other day . deep clean once a month (hair mask + shampoo and conditioner)

Favorite Products 
co wash – as i am coconut co wash
shampoo/conditioner – shea moisture manuka honey & marufa oil shampoo + conditioner
 mask – shea moisture manuka honey & marufa intensive hydration masque
oil – ouai hair oil & shea moisture’s 100% castor oil
leave in conditioner – miss jessie’s leave in condish
styling – h2o + ecco professional styling gel w/ organ oil
moisturizer – as i am double butter

the natural hair community has blossomed into a multifaceted space where brands have expanded their product range in addition to the advent of new hair care techniques.personally, i enjoy the community and all the resources it has to offer –  i have draw inspiration for hair cuts in addition to new products to try from the vast array of “gurus” on youtube and natural hair bloggers. you can fast become a hair product junkie however, which i have to admit i am. one of the best things i did for myself (can also be a curse) was to get a walgreens rewards card. no this isn’t sponsored by walgreens, i’m just trying to help a sista out. 

walgreens is great because they always have amazing deals on cult favorite products which can save you a couple coins. case in point, they’re having a sale on all hair care products (buy two get a third free – mix/match) now through which my paycheck is basically going to. i use sales like these to stock up on my staple products but this go round i picked up a few new products to try (there may or may not be a post coming).
throughout this journey, i’ve also realized that one’s favorite product does not have to be a cult favorite. use what works for you, your hair type AND your budget.
let me know below a list of your favorite natural hair products and any new products you recommend me trying