Glossy Gloss

i’ve written this post so many times and have always decided against publishing it for whatever reason, but i really want to talk about my favorite lip glosses here on the blog today – the marc jacobs “hi shine lip lacquers”.  idk about you but i think that the beauty community has been bombarded with liquid lipsticks and while it has been the new rave for the past three or more years, i’m still a glossy girl at heart. i love a good juicy gloss and in my opinion in a world full of liquid lipsticks, they can be kinda hard to come by….

now i have no qualms about wearing liquid lippies as I do own a few, but some days (actually most days), i’m quite frankly over the dry lip feeling or having to worry about always scrubbing my lips before wearing them. cracked lips are right up there with my disdain for paper cuts and i try to avoid them at all cost…


The Product

marc beauty has really come a long way since it first launched at sephora. some of my favorite pencil liners and brushes are from the marc beauty line and every single one are high quality. when i first heard about these lip glosses i was little on the fence because 1. they’re expensive in my opinion and 2. i wondered how different they were in comparison to their cheaper counterparts. of course nosy me had to see what the hype was surrounding them at the time and as you can see from the mini collection i have going, the rest is history. i remember the first one i ever bought was “suga-suga” because it was all the rave since jacklyn hill featured it in one of her videos. since then every VIB sale i’ve add one or two the stash.
first of all they smell like a cupcake and if you know me, you know i love pastries. its not a sickeningly sweet smell by any means, rather a hint of sweetness that’s wearable. on the lips they feel so wet and glossy and i know for some that maybe a bit off putting, but i love it. i love a wet glossy look that is long-lasting and these gives me that. they are not runny at all – actually they are more on the tacky side which i find lasts much longer. i cannot attest to them being so sticky that one’s hair sticks to the lips as i have short nappy hair, but from wearing them i can say that they cling to your lips well and does not move or slide around which is a huge +++
on first application there is a mild tingle, however it is nothing ridiculous. i find that glosses with a cooling or minty undertone are very drying on me. these however are the most moisturizing lip glosses i have ever worn. they do not leave my lips chapped or peeling which a lot of glosses do for some reason. even after it has worn off, my lips still feels moisturized.
speaking of wearing off, the longevity of these are pretty damn impressive to be honest. i initially underestimated the longevity of these when i bought “suga-suga” however i have been pleaseantly  surprised. the colors are opaque so they can be worn together with a favorite lipstick or alone. personally, i most times than not pair them with a lipstick and they have not altered the wear of any of my lipsticks. i love that the line as a large array of shades that compliments every skin tone. when marc and his peeps came up with the name “hi-shine” they were not playing around. these bad boys give you such high sheen it’s almost obnoxious….lmao. i mean it’s not blinding but it’s very glossy and if you’re into that wet glossy look, these will be right up your ally
i love the packaging – sturdy and weighty – and i LOVE the applicator. it’s quite flexible so the products glides on effortlessly and evenly on the lips without any tugging. majority of the ones i own have some sort of shimmer in them which i can honestly say you cannot feel on the lips.

i own a total of 7 shades that ranges from nudes to a plum shade suitable for fall (my favorite season of the whole year)

in my collection i own – from lightest to darkest

“suga-suga” – champagne gold w/shimmer

“taboo” – sheer mauve w/ shimmer

“love drunk” – mauve gold w/shimmer

“allow me” – more on the rosy side w/ shimmer (most recent & not pictured)

“hey you” – a more cheery fuchsia w/no shimmer

“hot hot hot” – bright fuchsia – esq color w/ no shimmer

“boom” – deep plum w/  shimmer


i hope you enjoyed this quick run down of these babies and found it insightful.
if you have tried them i would love to hear your personal thoughts or recommendations of other brands you are also loving.
have a great memorial day weekend & i’ll back on monday with some new foundation chatter.


bottom – hey you
left- right
suga suga, boom, love drunk, taboo, hot-hot-hot