Hey Girl Hey | Blog Update

today’s post is a bit more on the personal side and it’s all about napps & sass it self. This little corner of the internet has been going strong for the past 8 months & i cannot tell you how proud i am of it. napps & sass is my little baby that i have enjoyed nurturing since last summer. it really is my solace away from life’s chaos. i love anything beauty and skin care in addition to writing so naturally a blog documenting such was bound to happen. 


the reality of it all is that blogging will never be my full time job. i’m first and foremost a nurse (future nurse practitioner) which is one of my passions. with that being said however, watching napps & sass evolve and continue to grow is something that i am excited about and looking forward to. aside from being able to provide compassionate care to my patients, my job allows me to afford makeup and skin care which i truly enjoy. every single product that has been featured here on n & s has been purchased with my own money. not to say that i would never welcome the idea of collaborating with a brand but honesty will always be something shared here.


 since starting my blog i have definitely learned a lot about my self regarding makeup and beauty in general. one, i love good quality skin care. i am a certified skin care junkie and have been one even before the idea of starting a blog came about. i think i get this from my mom who is equally an avid skin care junkie. secondly, i’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup. i loooooveeee to see the likes of aunt jackie aina and amrezy in their full glam beat down, but for me, i love things a bit more simple. you don’t have to have perfectly chiseled eye brows or the sharpest contour to feel good about your self or your makeup application. a full beat down is not for everyone and thats ok. i love taking my makeup off after an entire day of wear and still love what i see in the mirror which i think is important. 


i’ve had a break from school for the past three weeks and my intentions were to continue creating  content, but i went against the grain and took a break from everything. i spent a couple days at the beach with my mom, returned home and just laid on my couch for days on end. during those uber lazy days, i did some reflecting on where i want this blog to be. 

i reminded my self that i was in no competition with anyone and i’m doing this for me and my readers.


i also toyed with the idea of developing a blog schedule which seriously intimidates me. now, i am a pretty organized person in general, but with a blog schedule i don’t want to feel as though i HAVE to create a post because it’s a Wednesday (if that makes sense). i want to post when i feel inspired, rather than throwing something out there half assed to meet a deadline. on the flip side, i want to keep things pretty consistent especially for my readers. i decided that posting twice a week is doable for me and is a reasonable amount without bombarding readers with posts. 

i’ve chosen to post on Mondays and Fridays (tentatively) as these days work for my current school and work schedule. this may change however depending on what life decides to throw at me (and she’s been quite the thrower lately), however for now you can expect content from me on those mentioned days. 

i have a couple posts lined up & i cannot wait to start sharing them with you all. i always love reading blog update posts and i hope you enjoyed mine. 

as always thank you for sticking around & stay tuned for an exciting post on Monday.