Mini Morphe Haul

 i’m not gonna lie. i’m a tad bit late to the morph party. i mean, i’ve known about morphe since they launched but until recently, i haven’t really been interested in their products. at the beginning of the year, a very kind friend of mine gifted me with the Bronzed Mocha 25B eyeshadow palette which was very generous of her. i didn’t dabble in it for a while because i had just bought a new MAC palette and wanted to play with that. about a month ago however, i decided to dig in and i gotta say i was pleasantly surprised. i’ve heard multiple gurus rave about moprhe eyeshadows and i instantly understood why. 

morphe truly has great quality eye shadows that are inexpensive and perform  better than mac eye shadows in my opinion. i’ve been so impressed with them that i actually gave my mom my mac palette. for one, i had way more shades in the 25B palette and the pigmentation was better. now i’m knocking mac shadows what so ever, i’m just saying that morphe has comparable shades for a fraction of the cost, so if you are wanting to save some coins, there are way less expensive options out there.

THE Palettes  

the first items i actually had my eyes on was were the 35O color – nature glow & the 35 F – fall into frost palettes. now the 35O was naturally on the top of my list because well, everyone and their pets seem to have this palette. neutral eye shadows are my thing. i don’t dabble in color toooooo much and when i do it’s subtle. i knew off the bat that i would love the 35O mainly because of the color scheme it offered. they seemed easy to use and looked more suitable for every day wear.

i love metallics so the 35F – fall in frost palette was my attempt to add to add a little sparkle to my collection (it’s really non existent to be honest, lol) and also to add a bit of color all while staying on the neutral side of things. what i appreciate about these palettes is that they are so skin tone friendly. the colors work for women of colors and for lighter skin tones as well.

ok…can we talk about the pigmentation tho!?!?

 while i have not tested these particular shadows on the eyes, from the swatches on my hands i can already assess their pigmentation. they are are smooth, very pigmented and glides on with out being patchy. from the reviews i have seen, they perform very well on the eyes and blend seamlessly. 

the 35F – fall in frost palette comprises of 7 matte shades and 28 metallic shadows while the 35O palette comprises of 23 mattes and 12 shimmer shades. there is also the option of an all matte 35O palettes which looks just as gorgeous….

THE Brushes  

i decided to pick up a few brushes from the elite range after watching jaclyn hill’s favorite morphe brushes video. i’ve watched that video multiple times but only recently decided to try them out. i also watched a few other popular gurus and their thoughts on the brushes which to be honest were mostly positive. the price points for the brushes are also inexpensive and from the videos i watched with them being used, they seem to perform well. i wanted to invest in some more affordable brushes because any makeup lover knows that 1. you can never have too many brushes & 2. the cost tends to add up quickly.

i purchased the E1 – deluxe powder, E3- precision pointed powder, E4 – angled contour & the E34 – tapered blush brushes. at first glance they are weighty with a sturdy handle. they are very soft to the touch, does not drag on the skin and honestly feels like my more pricier brushes. 

but guysssssss, idk about the E1 brush tho. i literally took it out of the package just to inspect it and i kid you not it started shedding. i mean really bad! so bad i thought the hairs were all going to fall out. i did not notice this with the other brushes however, just the E1. i thought, well maybe it’s just some dead hairs, but no, they just kept coming out. i hate returning items (only because i hate going to the post office), but i may have to return it if it continues to shed. i’m not sure if morphe has had issues with the E1 shedding or maybe i had a dud but i wasn’t particularly impressed. the other brushes thank god have been lovely and have been performing well with makeup application. i still plan on purchasing some of their eye brushes but for now, i’m content with the other three face brushes i purchased. 


 i hope you guys enjoyed this post. again i know i’m plate to whole morphe products party but better late than never right?

have a lovely weekend & i will be back on Monday with another post