My Go To Leave In Conditioner

today’s post is going to be a short and sweet one (i hope), & it’s all about my go to leave in conditioner. 

i did the big chop almost a year ago and since then i have definitely been through a slew of hair care products. finding what works for your hair can be a daunting task to be honest as the natural hair community has grown. back in the day there were a few hair care brands that catered to WOC with natural hair, however fast forward to present day,  that has definitely changed. 

while i have been through various products on this natural hair journey, one product that has stayed the same in the 9 months that i have gone natural is the miss jessie’s leave in condish. this has been my go to, rid or die, holy grail leave in conditioner for the past 9 months. while i do enjoy my paul mitchell leave in conditioner (another favorite), miss jessie’s is my most used and most loved.

first and foremost is the scent. it has a crisp, clean (almost soapy) fragrance that is very appealing. i love a good hair care product with a bomb ass scent that lingers for some reason. its definitely not overpowering and gels well with the other styling products i sometimes use. i also notice that it leaves my hair very soft and bouncy in addition to enhancing my curls. my as i am coconut co-wash coupled with this is where hydration  and my curl pattern is concerned.
another plus for me is that it does not dry my hair out. i have a drier texture hair so i have to be careful with the products that i use. it is very hydrating and does cause my hair to frizz.
yet another reason i love this product – a little bit goes a very long way. my first bottle lasted me about 6 months with once a day, every day use. mind you, i do have shorter hair which does not require a ton of product but just to give you an idea on the longevity of the bottle. on first application it appears white (like most natural hair products i have come to realize) however it dries down to a clear consistency. buildup is not an issue i have experienced with this product so if you have a heavy hand, not to worry. the versatility of the product is also another plus as it can be used as a detangler.
 for $11.99 at walgreens you get 8 fl oz of product which in my opinion is not a bad deal at all. miss jessies is known for being on the more expensive side of the natural hair care spectrum however this is one of their more affordable products and one that works. if you’re a naturalista, i think this is definitely worth a try. it’s one of those staple products you need in your stash. as i have said multiple times on my blog, when it comes to haircare products walgreens is my go to as they are always having a sale of some sort which is never a bad thing.
please share what your staple leave in conditioner is and your thoughts on this product if you’ve ever tried it.
i hope you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed creating it.
thanks for stopping by