Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer | A Review

 nars has recently released a new formula of concealers and to say i was excited is an understatement. the first high end concealer i ever used was the nars radiant creamy concealer and it still continues to be a staple to this day. the only other concealer i have ever used has been one from mac and while i have had no issues with it, i’ve always gone back to my nars radiant creamy.
in my opinion, nars gets it where concealer is concerned. they have a wide range of colors and the formula is just simply good. there’s not bells and whistles, it’s just good.
when i heard that a new formula was released i was very excited. i wasn’t entirely sure how i would like a more matte formula since i had been using a more creamy consistency however, it’s nars so i went in head first. 


the first thing i noticed with this line is that the color ranges are basically the same as the radiant creamy concealer so if you’re an avid user of the radiant creamy, you are not left wondering what shade range to buy. i use the colors cafe (my exact skin tone) and amande (for some under eye highlighting) and they perform the exact same – shade wise, as the radiant creamy. i have not noticed any discrepancies there. 

the packing is very different as the matte concealer comes in a pot form rather than a tube with an applicator. this may raise some hygienic concerns for some, but i personally use a brush when using the product. i have been using them for the past three weeks and they have not dried out from being used. 

the formula is obviously a more matte finish which i personally don’t mind. to be quite honest with you, the texture is creamier than i actually imagined, however it does dry down to a matte finish. i can tell you (from experience) that if you have any dryness, patchy or texture in under eye area, this will not be your best friend. when I started using it, i had some under eye texture issues which the concealer definitely emphasized. since then i have been using an eye cream (which i previously wasn’t consistent with) which has helped with my under eye area. i notice that since then, the concealer is setting better than before. generally speaking, i like how this sets under the eye. with the radiant creamy, you have to set it properly (in my experience) or else it moves all over the place. with the matte complete concealer i find that it is not overly drying what so ever. my  initial concern was that it would look cakey, however for me, once my under eye texture issue was under control i did not have a problem. i’m not a huge baker (both baking pies or baking my under eye), however i find that i don’t need to bake really. setting it and forgetting it is all that is needed and it does not budge. i find that it gives a more seamless, smoother finish which i appreciate. once set, again it does not crease and i can attest to it not wearing off quickly. i work twelve hour shifts and trust me when i say, like the radiant creamy, the soft matte has weathered my 12 hour shifts. there is no slipping or sliding which is a +++ for me. 


over all i am really loving the new soft matte concealer. i don’t plan on replacing my radiant creamy with the new formula however, rather i plan on alternating both depending on what look i am going for. personally, for longer wear and longevity (parties, an event etc), i would pick the soft matte over the radiant creamy for that purpose specifically. do you need both?…i would honestly say not necessarily. i think it is definitely worth a try to have in your collection if you are looking for something new and more of a matte formula. i was being extra when i bought both my under eye and over face shade but if i were to do it again, i would only buy my under eye shade. my overall face shade in the radiant creamy suffices to be honest. i feel like nars is one of the front runners when it comes to face products (concealer included) and i have to say this was not just “another product” in their line. i think there was a lot of thought put in the formulation and shade range and the target audience they wanted to reach. i really appreciate a brand that doesn’t throw out a product every weekend without much thought just because….

i hope this post found you well and you got some insight into the product, especially if you were on the fence about trying it out. again, i think it is definitely worth a try. if you love the nars radiant creamy or any nars face product, i think you will appreciate this newbie whether you use it as an under eye concealer or an overall face concealer. 

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