New In Beauty: Three Foundations In My Rotation

as promised, today’s post is all about the new foundations i have been trying out for the past 3-4 weeks. i think i have said this before in a previous post but i’m very picky when it comes to foundation (and a lot of other makeup products). it is the one makeup product that is my least favorite to buy. now hear me out….for years i didn’t like liquid foundation. i was a powder foundation girl from the beginning of my love for makeup until maybe 3 years ago. liquid foundations just seemed messy to me, that was until i learned about the different tools to apply it with. since then i have really appreciated liquid foundation and while i have not ceased to use my powder foundations, i wear more liquid. 

as a woman of color however i find that a lot of brands, both drug store and high end, lack suitable shade ranges for chocolate girls. its definitely an annoyance but when i find a brand that caters to us WOC i praise the heavens. if you’ve been following my blog since i started blogging you know that i am a laura mercier tinted moisturizer type of girl. that shit has never failed me…ever. not shade wise, texture wise or longevity wise….never. ever. laura is definitely here for the chocolate girls.

as i dabbled more in makeup however, i felt the need to expand my horizons and try a few other things. hence why we are here….over the past three weeks i have been testing out 3 new foundations (at least new to me) which have been making their way around the beauty community……

Mac’s Next To Nothing – Dark Deep

when i first heard about this product and its intended i use was super excited, because traditional mac liquid foundation doesn’t work for me. they break me out, hence why i have always stayed away from them. this product however was formulated to be used more of a skin tint. i’m all about skin tints and tinted moisturizers for a little coverage in my every day makeup wear so this is right up my alley. i will say, if you are looking for a product with a lot coverage, this is not the product. also, if you have any issues with acne scars that you need covering up this won’t do it. it has a very sheer consistency that is meant to me more of a skin tint, hence the name….

this particular product can be in various ways. it can be mixed in with foundation, worn under your foundation for added coverage or over your foundation. personally i wear it as my base and set it with my my mac mineralized skin finish in medium deep. when paired together it gives me a fresh no makeup-makeup look which i can appreciate for every day wear.
i’ve heard complaints of it oxidizing on the skin but i don’t find that it does on mine. i would certainly get shade matched in store as the colors are a bit off. for example, i am a nw45 in mac foundations (or so they say chile *eye roll*), however dark deep, which is the darkest shade is what matches me the best. although having 8 different shades to pick from, i wished there were a bit more colors suitable for darker skin.
i really love the finish of it (semi matte) and the fact that it is literally next to nothing and feels great on the skin. it is not as long lasting as i would like it to be (i get a good maybe 6 hours of wear), but then again, it’s not really formulated to be this amazing long lasting product either. for what it is, i really do love wearing it and i think it’s worth it if you’re on the market for an every day, no fuss base.

DIOR SKIN forever – 070

sooooo jacklyn hill made me buy this. i’m sure if you’ve watched any of her videos recently you would have seen this baby featured at some point. its definitely a hyped up product in the beauty community and i can totally see why. full coverage makeup intimidates or some odd reason. i think it’s because i fear leaving my house with a cake face as some full coverage makeup tends to do. also i hate the feeling of caked on makeup on my face….i just can’t handle it. for a full coverage foundation my go to is the estee lauder double wear. if you’ve tried it and loved it you’ll you can relate. 

since purchasing the dior skin forever i have been obsessed with the finish, the coverage and the longevity. it is a medium to full coverage foundation that does. not. budge. it reminds me of the estee lauder in that sense. i also appreciate the fact that although it has a matte finish and is build-able to a full coverage, you do not feel it on the skin. idk what kind of sorcery dior has in this formula but i don’t feel it ALL on my skin. to be honest, i recently wore it out again to diner and i forgot that i was even wearing anything on my face. it goes on smoothly, doesn’t emphasize any texture and covers the very few blemishes i have on my skin currently. in the past i wore the dior skin nude foundation for years and while i loved it, it oxidizes like a bitch. you would get a couple hours’ wear and then it just went left as the day progress. this however does not oxidize on me and does not moves around. it stays put through out its wear and gives my face a flawless, flawless look.
the ONE gripe i have with this product is the color range. like idk who is sitting in on the color range meetings but dior, we gotta do better sis. i’m in the shade 070 which is the second to last darkest color and for me it’s almost too dark. i’ve tried 060 which is one shade lighter and it pulls super ashy on my skin. if dior could make a couple more shades between 060 and 070 that would be great because the formulation of this foundation is bomb, however the range for WOC is lacking….and we buy your products too dior!!!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk – 10

of all the three, this was the foundation that i was most excited about. i know it’s been out on the market for a while but i just never brought my self to actually purchase it because of all the mixed reviews i’ve read. also, it is pretty pricey (the most expensive of the bunch) and to be honest with such heavy mixed reviews i was highly skeptical. thankfully the sephora VIB sale rolled around and i took the opportunity to finally see what all the talk was about.
first off, i actually love it more than i thought i would. it’s definitely on the sheer side but definitely build-able.
when first applying it i was a little skeptical…it goes on patchy for me personally. idk if i’m using the wrong tools but i have tried it with both a beauty blender and a buffing brush and it’s still patchy. it takes a lot of work to blend it seamlessly into my skin which is annoying. i have yet to use a stippling brush to see if it makes the application less tiring but please let me know if you’ve tried this particular foundation & what’s the best way to apply it.
with that being said, i love the finish of this. it’s not completely matte but it’s not dewy either. it’s just a perfect in-between texture that looks soo good on the skin. healthy is what i comes to mind when i think the finish. of the three, this is the only that that appears a tad bit oily around my nose area. it actually doesn’t really bother me much to be honest, but i do notice it. it stays in place and doesn’t break me out -which i have read that it can possibly do. i typically wear it on days when i need a bit more coverage than mac’s next to nothing, but still not full coverage as the dior skin forever. one more thingif you have issues with texture, i would certainly stay away from this. i find that it clung to the small area of texture i had around my mouth area when i wore it last. other than that, i really enjoy wearing it. i find that it also doesn’t oxidize and stays true to the color you apply on first application. i also have some hyper pigmentation and this really blends in well with my skin color. do i think it’s worth the price….i don’t think so. and i’m just being honest here….i think for the money i would try the power fabric which has way better coverage and goes on smoother. while i don’t own the power fabric i did receive a sample which i love (possibly a future purchase?…who knows…)

while i have various opinions about each of the foundations mentioned, i would honestly recommend all three and will continue using them. i’m still on the fence about making the GA luminous silk a staple in my collection once i have finished the entire bottle for the reasons already discussed, but the jury is still out on that. not that is not a beautiful foundation, i’m just a little disappointed with the application process. again if you’ve used it and have other techniques on how to apply it more seamlessly, please do share. 

i hope you all are having a great memorial day holiday with loved ones

we live in a very volatile world and i am forever grateful for all the service men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. 

i thank you for stopping by and i will see you all on friday with a few skin care i’m currently obsessing over