The Body Cream You Need This Summer

not even gonna lie. youtube made me buy this…more specifically aunty jackie aina made me buy this. she featured it in one of her favorites video a couple weeks back and since then it has been on my sephora wish list until recently. i picked it up during the sephora VIB sale this past april, and to be quite honest it has not disappoint.

first of all, i had no idea what a “bum bum” cream was, but my assumption was that it contained some ¬†sort of firming properties. i’m a kiehl’s creme de corp girl through and through and have been for years, but the sol de janiero brazilian bum bum cream definitely sparked my interest. personally, the name alone is intriguing and with it making its rounds on youtube and the gram i knew i had to try it….

the cream is self is marketed as an overall body butter with claims to tighten and smooth the look of one’s skin (especially the derriere). furthermore, it is formulated to help with dryness, dullness, uneven texture and problems with loss of elasticity in the skin. before i made my purchase i did a little research to see how people were using the product. most of the reviews i read talked about using it as an all over body butter especially on areas where the sun would hit (legs, chest, arms etc.)
now i have no idea if it firms one’s bum, however i do know and can attest to the fact that it is very moisturizing and leaves your skin with a healthy glow. you probably cannot tell from the photos used in today’s post but the cream has a shimmer to it that gives my skin a natural, sun-kissed glow. i could not feel the actual shimmer on the skin nor did my skin look like it was dipped in liquid gold. instead, my legs and arms (where i use it most) looked smooth and healthy. apart from the afore mentioned glow that it provides, it is VERY moisturizing without being greasy. it literally sinks into the skin and leaves the texture of my skin silky soft.
the scent…oh the scent….
i envision an authentic tropical coconut drink whenever i smell this product. the scent is not overbearing. to be quite hinest, i do not use this as an every day moisturizer, however whenever i know i will be wearing a dress or anything that shows off my legs or arms, i make it a point to lather my self in it
despite its thick consistency, it sinks into the skin flawlessly and performs great on dry patches or areas with trouble some textures. i’m almost sure i use way too much at a time because it is that luxurious on the skin.
although a bit pricey, a little bit goes a very long way and covers a lot of area. i appreciate the fact that it comes it two sizes- a more affordable smaller size and the larger tub (which i own). i anticipate that my current tub will last me until the end of summer, if not longer. i don’t think it’s a moisturizer i would wear past the summer (may early fall) months to be quite honest as the scent is definitely a summer scent.

NOTABLE Ingredients

guarana caffeine – stimulates circulation

cupuacu butter  Рnourishes the skin (similar to shea butter) & helps lock in moisture

acai – well known antioxidant

brazil nut – maintains skin’s elasticity and helps with skin regeneration

coconut oil – moisturizers and smooths the skin


if you’re on the fence about trying the sol de janiero bum bum cream, i say go for it. whether you are planning on using it for it’s firming properties or just as an overall moisturizer, i think it is one luxury purchase that is worth splurging on this summer. again you have the option of a smaller, more affordable size that still packs the same punch performance wise. if you have already tried it, or is planning on taking the plunge i would love to hear your thoughts below.
i hope you found this post helpful and i will be back on friday with more goodies to talk about.
have a lovely week