New Favorite Mask? | Dior Pores Away Pink Clay Mask

i took a small break from the blog for two weeks due to school commitments, but i’m back today with a brand new post all about a new mask i’ve been using over the past months or so. about a 1.5 months ago, i picked up the dior pores away clay mask since i was on the market for a new one. if you know me or have read this blog for a while you know my favorite masks are from the brand chanticaille. they’re great and have never failed me but i ran out of my detox mask and wanted to try something new. i’ve seen this mask make it’s way around the beauty community and had it on my radar but never ┬áreached for it as i wanted to finish my current mask before investing in another one. when i find a mask that works for me i usually stick with it for a long while so trying something new was intimidating to me. furthermore, clay masks can be very drying so i was little skeptical about trying this one.


the particular clay mask is gear towards individuals with large pores, oily skin and uneven texture. i don’t necessarily have an issue with oily skin, however my skin tone is very uneven and the pores in my t-zone are sometimes out of control. its formulated to be used for a short period of time on the face (3 minutes) and is said to be a quick, easy no fuss mask. it contains jojoba extract that helps with hydration and natural pink clay that mattifies the skin.

i went into using the mask knowing it was not a detox type mask so if you’re on the market for a mask with those qualities this one isn’t for you. what it does do for me personally is shrink my pores so they are not as pronounced as the usually are. so much so that i don’t really notice them when i wear makeup. it definitely mattifies the skin as it claims, however the bigger pro for me here is that it does not dry my skin out. that was my biggest worry with this particular mask. for it’s claims of hydration and pore minimization i give it an A+ and an A- respectively.

as far as my skin tone, i cannot tell 100% if the mask is solely doing the job or if it’s in combination with my other skin care products. i notice that the texture of my skin is much smoother than it once was. i know it’s not marketed for spot treatment but i’ve used it for a few hormonal break outs and it dries them right up. blemishes are typically not an issue for me because my current skin care over time fades them away, but i’ve noticed that they fade quicker since using this mask which i am thanking the heavens for! the scent is surprisingly not offensive as Dior’s products are often times highly fragranced. the scent is very subtle and has a fresh, clean aroma to it.

for $69 it is on the pricer side of things but i have to say it is very comparable, price wise to glam glow which is a fan favorite. i love the consistency of the mask and the fact that you do not need a lot to spread across the surface of the skin. it can be as thick or thin as you prefer – typically apply it a bit thinner. furthermore, i have sensitive skin and it has not irritated my skin what so ever so if you have sensitive skin, this is an option for you.

i’m all about saving your money and shopping wisely so if you have a mask in your collection that that provides similar benefits this mask offers, you do not need to run out and buy it. however if you’re like me and is on the market for something new to try out i would definitely give this a try.

although this has not taken the place of my chantecaille detox mask, it has definitely secured it’s spot in my skin care routine. i’ve been impressed with it so much that i’ve purchased and have been testing out a particular serum and toner from the line. i’ll be writing about them next week (i’m almost out of both) so stay tuned for that.

i’m glad to be back in the writing scheme of things and appreciate you all sticking around.

have a great 4th of july weekend and we’ll chat soon