New Tatcha Obessions

if you’ve been on my instagram page lately, you would have probably seen these two in a couple posts here and there. during the sephora via sale, i picked them up (amongst other things) because i heard nothing but good reviews about the tatcha skin care line. just to give you a quick run down, tatcha is a japanese skin care brand that formulates its products to target signs of aging. the brand uses an array of natural ingredients (green tea, red algae, rice brand etc) to enhance and nourish one’s skin. i can’t exactly tell when the tatcha line first landed in sephora but i feel as though it has been less than two years. since then however they have grown into a cult favorite. personally i own only three products from the line, namely the dewy skin mist, which i have reviewed here, and most recently these two products we will be chatting about today…

if you’ve read my how i care for my skin blog post you would probably have seen me talk about sunday riley’s tidal as the moisturizer. i’ve been using for a while. it’s one my of my favorite moisturizers and while i have had no issues with it what so ever, i wanted to branch out and try something different. my desire for “something different” led to me tatcha’s the water cream” which essentially is an oil free, anti aging moisturizer that is formulated to provide hydration and pore minimizing properties. 

its notable ingredients includes

–  japanese wild rose : used to balance the skin’s texture and minimize the appearance of pores

– japanese leopard lilly : used to reduce oil production, soothes skin and support the natural turn over of dead skin cells. 

green tea, rice & red algae – contains properties that nourishes the skin

the water cream’s targeted audience are those with normal, oily, combination or sensitive skin types and provides solution for skin issues such as large pores, uneven texture and dryness. 

it has been over a month now since i’ve been using the water cream and it has been a complete delight. first of all can we just take a second to appreciate tatcha’s aesthetics tho? i mean their packaging is just so gorgeous and just lovely to look at. while you aren’t here to read my rambles about pretty packaging, i just love when you see all the effort a brand puts into their products. 

as far as the product itself, i’m obsessed with it. i used what was left of my sunday riley tidal cream, started on the water cream & have not put it down since. what i look for in a moisturizer is obviously hydration, longevity throughout the day, properties that evens out my skin tone, doesn’t leave an oil slick on my face and doesn’t break me out. the water cream gives me that and more. 

albeit a thin consistencey, a little goes a long way with this product. it feels refreshing on the skin, especially in this horrid florida heat. every single use i get from this gives me a nice, cool sensation that i cannot get enough of. it works well with other products and does not break my skin out. as far as the craters in my face (aka pores), i’ve seen a change in the size of them over the past month and a half. while they are not totally gone (do they ever?), they’ve been noticeably diminished. i also find that i use less product when i use this particular cream. i use it day and night and i feel like i haven’t even touched half of the product. i love getting my money’s worth especially when it comes to pricey skin care as to me they are an investment. i don’t find that it has an offensive smell which is typically very off putting to me and i can appreciate the little spatula that comes with the product so you’re not having to worry about dipping your fingers in the pot.

overall i give this product two thumbs up and highly recommend it if you’re on the market for a new moisturizer. 

next on the list of obsessions is tatcha’s pure one step camilla cleaning oil. while the camilla cleaning oil can be used as an actual facial cleanser, i personally use it to remove my makeup prior to washing my face. i’m always on the hunt for a good cleansing oil and while i have found some, they never 100% take off my makeup especially those stubborn water proof mascaras. i was a bit skeptical when i first bought this because i thought, well it may just turn out to be “another cleansing” oil, but oh was i wrong. when i tell you this oil takes off every. single. thing….like tatcha!!!! what is the secret sis!? this is truly a one step cleanser in regards to make up removal. it breaks down and dissolve makeup like a dream, so much so that i actually enjoy taking my makeup off after getting home. while it doesn’t take more than three pumps to saturate my entire face and dissolve everything, i still use more than i should because i love it THAT much. i could skip cleansing my face entirely with my traditional facial cleanser but personally i still go in after wards because i am extra and it’s just a habit. i appreciate the fact that this does not dry my skin out. while i loved using the boscia cleansing oil, i find that it does dry my skin out a bit. this on the other hand does not and certainly does not break me out. i also appreciate the skin care properties it contains (tsabuki – provides moisturizing and anti-oxdixant benefits). 

again, the packaging is fabulous and it comes with a pump which is always, always useful. in comparison to the water cream, this does have a scent that is not offensive at all. i hate to keep going back to the boscia cleansing oil, but both scents are similar (just for a reference). if you already have a cleansing oil that you know and love, you don’t need to run out and buy this one obviously. however if you’re looking to change up your skin are routine, and add a new cleansing oil i would definitely say try this. 

i’m almost sure that the tatcha line isn’t my first ever experience with a japanese based skin care brand, but i continue to appreciate all the benefits i’ve heard people rave about. the water cream and cleansing oil will definitely be a staple in my skin care routine and i already have my eyes on a couple other products from the line

if you’ve tried any of these products (or anything from the tatcha line really) leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts. 

as always thank you for stoping by and i’ll catch you guys on friday with another post.