Skin Care Minis I’m Currently Trying

today’s post will be about some skin care banter, more specifically some skin care minis i have been testing out over the past couple weeks. if you don’t already know, i have a thing for mini products. most of them are samples from gifts with purchases or products i have redeemed from sephora, but whatever the circumstance i’m always here for minis. they’re small, cute, very travel friendly and is a great way to test out a product before investing in it.

if you couldn’t already tell, i love good skin care and have no qualms about splurging a bit more to take care of my skin. i also tend to stick to the evil that i know, meaning if something works, i continue to buy it over and over again. when it comes to skin care, i’m of the mind set that if something isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it. recently however – about two months, i have been trying out new products to kind of expand my horizons and to really see what else is out there. while they have not completely replaced my tried and true products, they have slowly become a staple in my skin care routine.
despite their small packing and volume, a few of the minis i’m currently trying out have packed quite a punch. so much so that there’s a couple that i plan on getting the full size of.
let’s chit chat…

– kate somerville exfolikate intensive exfoliating treatment – 
for years i have wanted to try this product, but have never bit the bullet and bought it. i’ve watched countless videos and read countless blogs that featured this particular product and i have yet to really hear anything negative about it. it’s seriously like a mini facial and one of the products that i’ll definitely be investing in. as small as the package may look, i have gotten about 4 uses out of it (and i could probably get 2 more). the word “intensive” had me mildly shook in the beginning because i feared it would be too harsh on my skin. it could not be furthest from the truth however. it’s very gentle, cleanses and exfoliates amazingly and leaves my skin looking and feeling healthy.

 shiseido beneficence wrinkle resist24 night emulsion – 
this particular product is from shiseido’s line of skin care that targets wrinkle formation. i personally don’t have a huge problem with wrinkles (maybe a bit on my forehead), but generally those areas don’t bother me. the night emulsion is more of a moisturizer than anything that is specifically  formulated for night time use. while i do like how it feels on the skin, i don’t find that it is anything special or better than what i am currently using. now keep in mind that these are mini products and i may not see the benefit in some of these products due to the size and the amount of use i can get out of each. however on first impression, i love the texture, but i don’t see any major changes that warrants me purchasing it and or replacing my current moisturizer with this.

– shiseido ultimune power infusing concentrate –
this power infusing concentrate is a pre-treatment booster to your serum if you will that is formulated  to again, fight against signs of aging on the skin. first off i love the smell of this. it has a light citrusy sent that is very refreshing. i am currently using it prior to my serum and i can tell that my skin drinks up my serum. now i don’t use a shiseido serum so i’m not sure if my serum is doing all the work itself or if it’s a combo of this + said serum but whatever it is i can definitely attest to the fact that my serum absorbs like a dream. the jury is still out on an investment into this particular product, but i really do enjoy using it and will continue to test it out.


caudalie venoperfect radiance serum

so i’m completely out of this serum since taking this photo….lol! i am in love with it. i’m not a huge caudalie girl as some of their products just do not work for me, but i can totally appreciate the formulation of this. if you’re looking for a serum that evens out the texture of your skin, helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and leaves your skin radiant this is your girl. it is pretty darn gentle on the skin and did not break me out with it’s use. idk what the heck caudalie has in this formula but it just works AND you do not need a lot. i also used this with the shiseido power infusing concentrate and they work well together.

i’m currently using a different serum that i purchased before receiving this little mini and i’m soooo on the fence about which one to purchase when my current serum is done. i love my current serum, but i also LOVE this one as well. am i being extra by having two different serums? may i can use one during the day and one at night. either way, i’m almost sure i’ll be getting the full size of this.



 shiseido beneficence wrinkle resist24 intense eye contour cream – 

needless to say this is already in my sephora basket waiting to be purchased. like it’s that good. i didn’t realize i had a problem area under my eyes until i used the giorgio armani luminous silk foundation and noticed some dry patches. for some reason i’m not a huge eye cream girl. i always forget to use them and i typically just bring my moisturizer up under my eye when i felt like it. well the GA foundation is unforgiving when it comes to texture and dry patches and was like no girl….you got some issues. i remember this eye cream came in one of the sephora point perks box i picked up with a purchase and immediately started using it. first of all i thought i would get what, maybe 3 uses out of this tiny tube?. let me tell you, i STILL have a couple uses left. you need the smallest amount and it is sooooo nice under the eyes. it’s not too thin and not thick, but rather an in-between texture that spreads evenly under the eye. ever since i’ve used it it’s really changed how my concealer goes on and how smooth my under eye has become. i can totally see why it’s one of shiseido’s best sellers.



– caudalie moisturizing sorbet – 

out of all the products featured today, this my least favorite. this particular sorbet is a gel to cream consistency that is formulated to intensely moisturize and sooth irritating skin. while i didn’t find that it irritated my skin, i also found that it is wasn’t as moisturizing as my current moisturizer. i didn’t like the consistency as i thought it was a bit too thin for my liking and left my skin still feeling a bit thirsty. while it may work for some, it just didn’t live up to the moisturizer i’m currently using or some that i have used in the past to warrant investing in….


thank you for stopping by & checking out what on the beauty shelf today. if you’ve ever tried any of these products, please feel free to let me know your thought