New Holy Grail Serum

today on the beauty shelf is a standout product amongst my stash that i’ve had in rotation for the past 4.5 months, the dior hydra life deep hydration sorbet water essence. a while back i shared my skin care products that i use on a regular basis and while i still use majority of the products mentioned, a face serum was missing from my line up. i try to be simple minded when it comes to caring for my skin. i personally don’t like a lot of steps and try my hardest to stick to products that i know will work for me. i’m a bit more carefree when it comes to dabbling in makeup, however i’m more reserved with my skin care.

i honestly didn’t know where to start with purchasing a face serum due to the amount that are on the market. furthermore, the prices for some were outrageous in my opinion and while i wanted something of quality, i didn’t want to break the bank. the hydra life range from dior was something i had read upon before and had my eyes on but never really committed to anything. i remember being on break from school in may and going shopping with my mom after one of our many days at the beach and decided it was time to treat myself to a new serum….
i hadn’t seen much of the product being advertised around the youtube community so i was tiny bit skeptical. *raise your hand if you make purchases based on reviews within the YT beauty community* – raises both hands and feet 🙂

i know you’re not here for the packaging, but i really have to make mention of it. i’m always here for nice packaging and Dior didn’t disappoint with this one. the container is glass, weighty and while this maybe a turnoff for some, i actually appreciate it. it also comes with a fabulous pump that works – even after 4 months of use.
the products it self is a lightweight gel like consistency that is non sticky or greasy when applied to the skin. it has a cooling effect that’s been a treat especially in this sweltering floridian heat. it is formulated for dry, dull and uneven toned skin. while i don’t find my skin to be dull looking, it can be dry at times. my skin tone has always been uneven. i have hyperpiguentaion around my mouth area and along my jaw line. over the years with my current skin care routine it has been slowing evening out, but with the Dior serum in the mix, its even better. my pores are much tighter since starting using this serum and i find that it moisturizes my skin amazingly, especially paired with my tatcha the water cream. those two right there are magic. the sorbet water essence is super gentle on the skin and apart from the pesky monthly hormonal planet that tries to erupt on my cheeks, it has kept majority of the trouble some breakouts at bay. another plus for me is that the product is not heavily scented. the very first thing i did at the beauty counter before purchasing was smell the product. i was praying and hoping it wouldn’t be heavily scented and the scent gods answered my prayers. the best way i can describe the scent is clean. it is not perfumed what so ever which i can appreciate. even better, the subtle scent does not linger throughout the day.


while the serum is formulated to be used twice a day, i use it once every day which works for me. i literally put a dot on both cheeks, my forehead and chin and press the product into my skin. that’s all i need for my entire face to be honest. i started using the serum in the beginning of may and from my pictures (taken friday) i would say i could get another 2-3 weeks of daily use out of it. the fact that the product has lasted me this long, has given me noticeable results and has not broken me out, i would say it is worth every penny of my $73. 73 bucks is a lot of coins for a product not to be great and i have to say Dior hit the ball out of the park with this one. this is the second product i’ve tried from their hydra life beauty range and i’m very impressed. i reviewed their pores away pink clay mask a couple months ago and both products have been stand outs for me this summer.


it’s good to be back blogging about my favorite things and connecting to my readers once again
i hope this review was helpful and i’m excited to get back to creating more content.