What A Difference A Year Makes | Happy Blogiversary

a lot of things can change in a year and i cannot believe my little blog is celebrating an entire year on the internet. a lot can happen in a year and it has. when i started this little space, i knew i wanted to write about all the beauty products i love and enjoy using. i love the whole realm of beauty (skin care and make up especially) and i wanted to share my love if it with my friends. this space once started out as “napps and sass” an ode to my natural roots and sassy personality, however as the year progressed i knew eventually i wanted to change the space/name to something more relatable, thus on the beauty shelf was born. i thought the name was perfect for my vision for the blog. as a proud product junkie, on the beauty shelf is a representation of all the beauty crap i have on my shelves that i happen to love sharing with other beauty fanatics.
speaking of beauty fanatics, i want take the time out to say a huge thank you to all my loyal readers who have been with me from the start and my new readers who have visited the blog. feedback is always nice and very much appreciated, but i don’t dwell on the amount of comments i receive on a post. i’m not doing any of this solely for the purpose of popularity, i’m doing this for the few readers i have that genuinely enjoy my content who can relate to my posts. it’s all for them.
i’m excited to see where the next year takes on the beauty shelf and i’m even more excited to create more content for you guys. again thank you for sticking around and here’s to another year of exciting new ventures.