Stick Foundations Worth The Splurge

for a very long time, stick foundations intimated me. i felt as though they would be super drying so i never really bothered with them…until i found these two gems. the thing i love about stick foundations in general is how compact they are. they’re easy to travel with as they take up way less space in your makeup bag. prior to purchasing either stick foundations, i did a bit of research and to be honest there wasn’t a lot of discussion about stick foundations in general. at the time, a lot of popular brands weren’t even carrying stick foundations. over the past year i would say, brands have been branching out and have started to incorporate stick foundations in their line which i’m very happy about.

Bobbi Brown Skin Stick Foundation – $46

of the two foundation sticks, bobbi brown’s skin stick foundation was my first purchase. i believe i bought it after watching a jackie aina makeup tutorial and decided i needed to give it a try. btw, jackie is one of my favorite YT gurus and she has never steered me wrong with any of her recommendations. off the bat i was very impressed with bobbi’s creamy texture. prior to this, i have never used a bobbi brown foundation product so i wasn’t sure what to really expect. the coverage is medium to full coverage and dries to a semi – matte finish which i can appreciate. i typically set it with a setting powder for added longevity and find that it works well with other products. best of all i love the weightless finish it gives. it literally feels like skin. it does not feel heavy what so ever which i love in a foundation. this quality is especially appreciated since i live in the sweltering florida heat. the shade range for this particular stick foundation is “ok” in my opinion. i would like to see more lighter AND darker shades in the range to be honest, especially where brown girls are concerned. i’m in the shade almond # 7  which matches me perfectly. although not AS super long wearing as i would love it (i get a good 5-6 out of it before i notice i need to touch up), it still holds and performs pretty good throughout the day. i especially love wearing this in the winter months because of the creamy texture and light weight feel .

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation – $ 42

as with the bobbi brown foundation stick, prior to purchasing this, i have never used a lancome foundation. again, per recommendations from jackie aina (every brown girl needs to watch/subscribe to her channel to be honest), i picked this up as she raved about it being one of her most loved foundations. in comparison to the bobbi brown stick foundation, the teint idole gives a more matte finish and has a longer longevity. the formula is also very lightweight and provides a more full coverage finish on the skin. while it is a matte finish, it does not emphasize any texture on the skin. in fact,  it really covers blemishes pretty darn well. i love to test my foundation’s longevity and wear against my long 12-13 hour shifts at the hospital and i have to say this holds up pretty well. personally, i wear the shade 500 suede w which is a perfect match for me as well. i’m so obsessed with this finish i’ve been tempted to purchase the cushion and liquid foundation in the teint idole line but i think that would be too much of an over kill no? it goes on flawlessly and it gives a smooth, airbrushed finish. while there could be more darker shades for women way darker than my skin tone, i think lancome is one of the only foundation brands who pushes the limit with their darker shade ranges.

apart from the obvious need for more brown girl friendly shades, i’m very impressed with how both foundation stick wear. do you need both? honestly it depends on the look/finish you’re going for. i can get away with wearing the lancome teint idole for special occasions without worrying about it disappearing. infact it rivals my estee lauder double wear to be quite honest. for a more laid back, on the go look, i reach for the bobbi brown stick foundation. so it all depends on preference. if i had to choose one i would go with the lancome teint idole because of the coverage it gives and the longevity.
i hope you guys enjoyed this post and it was helpful in your decision to dabble in stick foundations.