VB x Estee Lauder Collection – 2017

i’m so excited about this post i could hardly wait to type up what i had to say to be honest. way back in the day when i did not have a bill or care in the world (basically when i lived with the parentals) i use to love purchasing certain limited edition collections, specifically from chanel beauty. after a while i stopped because, 1. it was getting to be a very expensive habit and 2. how many limited edition makeup items does one really need?
when victoria beckham first launched her makeup collab with estee lauder, i wasn’t sure about it. at the time she was well known for her fashion line and i wasn’t sure her hand at makeup would be a hit for me personally. i ended up passing on picking anything from her first collab (which i later regretted). about a month or so after the initial launch i kept seeing photos and swatches of the products (mostly eye shadows) and kept swooning over how gorgeous the products were. there was this one particular green eye shadow from her first launch that i constantly drooled over, but of course when i decided to make a purchase, everything was sold out. when i heard she was launching a second collab with estee lauder i was pumped. after seeing the previews of some of the products online, there was no way i was going to miss it. i already knew the line was going to be expensive, however i was very prepared to eat top ramen for 2 weeks . listen i am a working girl, with bills who also loves makeup (fancy ones at that) & some times i go a little HAM – case in point, the VB x Estee Lauder launch.
going into it i knew i wanted eyeshadows or some sort and a lip product or two. i had my eyes on the eyeshadow palette but was a little on the fence about absolutely needing it. then again do we really need a lot of the makeup we own? needless to say i made a target type purchase once the collection launched – meaning i went in for two things and ended up with & ended up with 5 products.


The Products


  • Eye Metal – bitter clove – bronze metallic shade. this particular eye shadow is more on the creamier side rather than having chunks of glitter, and is perfect for a neutral eye look.
  • Eye Ink – black myrrh – black shimmer shade with flecks of silver pearls. smoky eye looks intimidate me to create but i’m very much looking forward to using this eyeshadow to create a look that is outside of the box for me. it seems to be a more wearable black than some of the black i have in some of my eyeshadow palettes.
  • Highlighter – modern mercury – this rose gold highlighter in my opinion is perfect for someone who likes a hint of sheen on the cheeks but nothing over the top. i’m still dabbling in highlighters so as a novice, this is straight up my alley

  • Matte Lipstick – black cassis – out of all the products, this was my most second anticipated purchase. it was however somewhat of a let down for me. the color is gorgeous (a deep plum shade) and i am excited to wear it during the fall/winter season HOWEVER, when i first took it out the package, i swore it was a sample product. for the price, the amount of product you receive is a little off putting honestly.
  • Eye shadow palette – when the line first launched, i didn’t even realize that this palette was apart of the line to be honest. after hashtag stalking pictures on line i realized that it was indeed in the line’s line up of products. getting my hands on it however was no small feat. it was sold out everywhere, however thanks to shonda over at theglowgodess.com (LOVE her blog) and her blog post on the very palette i was after, i tracked it down at my local neiman marcus and purchased it right away. it is so beautiful and i love the color selection. i’m not one to play with colors such as the metallic sapphire shade (fired sapphire) however i’m actually excited to again step out of my comfort zone and try all the shades in this pallet.


What To Buy

first and foremost, i must say that this collection is for the makeup lover that loves to collect timeless pieces. the package alone draws you in. its black, gold, sleek and sophisticated and you can tell a lot of thought went into the packaging of the products. i really appreciate the subtle simplicity of this line. while it provides every day shades, it also has colors you can be playful with.  line. some of the products in this launch in my opinion are products that makeup lovers “collect” for the sole purpose of it being limited edition and it being somewhat of a collector’s item. i’m saying this to say, personally i don’t think it is a collection that the every day woman MUST have. first off, the products are pricey and majority of the items i think are dupe-able at a lower cost. second, some eyeshadow  shades can be found in a lot of eye shadow popular eye palettes that are similar in tone.
however, if you’re like me and love a good celebrity x makeup brand collab (and one that has been raved about in the past) i think it is worth picking up an item or two from the line. my top two picks from the collection are the eyeshadow palette (or any of the single shadows) and the highlighter. i don’t think the lipsticks are worth the money for the amount you get honestly. while they are gorgeous colors, i think a lot of makeup brands have similar shades at a fraction of the cost with more product. i thought about possible purchasing one of the lip glosses but i have one  too many of my tried and true marc jacobs lip glosses to add another gloss to my collection.
last i checked sephora, neiman marcus and victoriabeckham.com still had majority of the products available for purchase. if you’re thinking of picking something up, i would honestly not hesitate.
i truly hope this post was helpful, especially if you are considering picking something up from this collection and i hope you enjoy them as much as i have.
xo, rhondine.