1.5 years later


It has been a year and a half since I moved from Florida and boy has it been a ride. To read about how it all started read about my move here. The past 1.5 years hasn’t been the easiest, however when I think about where I was when I first moved to where I am now, I am nothing but blessed. After I finished my year contract as a travel nurse, I went on to accept a Nurse Practitioner job at the same cancer institute I started at the year prior. I left the comfort of my home unit that I had come to love and enjoy working on, and branched out to another oncology speciality that i knew nothing about. 2018 taught me a lot of lessons but the most important of all was patience. As my year contract was coming to an end, I was eager find a permanent NP job that I felt would be right for me. I quickly learned that Boston is a highly competitive city and for a time there I was low key panicking. I gave up my life and honestly some of my worldly possessions when I moved with literally a hope and a prayer. Whatever was going to happen, had to happen because I just couldn’t’t fail. I mean sure, I could move back to Florida if all else failed but I just knew that Boston was where I needed to be. 

I have met some amazing people here in the city who have literally been my tribe here since moving. Most of my closest friends here, I met while traveling as they too left their hometowns to set out on a similar journey. They have really been my rock when I thought I wouldn’t make it here. They’re also responsible for helping explore outside of my comfort zone and live life unapologetically. The homesickness is less and some days I still question what I am doing here, but I swear every time I go through the city on my commute to work I’m reminded of how far I’ve come since moving here. Things are not perfect, but I am blessed non the less. 

I landed my dream job really, working at one of the top cancer institutes in the country. I work with some pretty talented and amazing head and neck surgeons and have learned so much in the 7 months that I have been at my job. I am still learning how to juggle the demands of work and having a proper personal life outside of work, but I have remind myself to be patient with myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day right?



The process of starting over in a new city definitely taught me to to live in the presence and enjoy life in the now. There were so much many things worry about, but looking back at where I was 1.5 years ago, I have come a mighty long way. It has taken me that long to finally start settling in and learning to live life on my own terms. I have definitely missed blogging and writing about the things I love, which is one of the reasons I decided to revive my little corner of the internet. I miss engaging withy blogger friends that I met when I first started this blog. Also I just miss writing! It really is a creative outlet for me and I love writing about skin care and makeup. The beauty community has definitely changed in the almost two years that I have been away from blogging and some parts of the change is actually quite disappointing. Everything is a competition these days, and trying to one up the other person. Thank god however that there are still some genuine bloggers out there – big and small – who still possess great morals and character. They are who inspired me to revive my blog and try my hand at it once more. I am very excited to get back into the swing of things and will be back with a post this weekend that is all skin care related. Once again, thank you for stopping by and showing me your support.